Our mission.

Quality PPE for all

“Droplet Guard LLC” is a group of doctors, designers and filmmakers from across the United States gathered around one purpose: to try to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 has on our local communities. We are doing this by providing simple and innovative 3D designs free of charge

The Current Problem

The   CDC now recommends that all members of the community wear non-surgical grade face masks when venturing into public spaces, while reserving surgical and medical-grade masks for healthcare providers and workers on the frontline. To help provide masks for the community at large, we have created a sleek, easy-to-mass-produce mask that uses a   3M filter for community use on a regular day-to-day basis. 

Why Our Mask

We believe that the high grade 3M filter offers more protection than regular cloth masks, and the filters can be easily changed out with use. Our masks are more tightly fitted than most cloth masks currently used by workers that are in constant exposure to the public – such as grocery store clerks and those in the senior home service industry. 

Our designs are constantly evolving based on feedback to adapt to the needs of the community.

Our Products

We are offering full transparency in what we produce.  We are making our designs freely accessible to anyone who has a 3D printer to print these products themselves.

In addition to filtered masks, we are also producing face-shields. We have also made retractable door handle openers intended to protect people from hand-contact with the virus when opening doors or pushing elevator buttons – a key aspect in COVID-19 transmissions. 

As a part of this effort, we also hope to provide a community-driven bilingual website in Spanish and English with information about personal safety and protection, how to protect yourself and your community during this pandemic.

Disclaimer: These pieces of PPE are not FDA approved for medical use. While we believe that the masks we are making will be superior to other masks that are available, we are still testing efficacy. Further, masks in no way guarantee complete safety from transmission of diseases and viruses. The CDC is recommending that members of the community wear non-medical-grade masks for personal and public health reasons, and our masks are intended to help to further that effort. We will update more as our designs get better and better.

Our Funding

We are currently strictly doing this on a not-for-profit basis. 100% of the donations from this campaign will be used to purchase materials and more 3D printers. This will enable us to boost production and help keep our community safe in its time of need. 

As we purchase more materials and more printers, we will distribute our products throughout various communities. One of our main objectives in distribution is to help combat this epidemic by providing basic protective gear to communities which disproportionately suffer from health disparities such as homelessness, lack of food security, or poor living conditions that make physical distancing impossible.

We currently estimate that for every $100 donated, we will be able to produce and distribute 50 of these masks.

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