CDC: everyone should wear masks in public spaces

As of April 3rd 2020, the CDC has updated their recommendation to suggest all community members cover their face in high-traffic public spaces where social distancing is difficult.

The key to re-opening safely is to have the proper protective equipment to protect yourself and others around you.

3d-printed for a durable and superior design

Our sleek designs fit tightly and use replaceable 3M filters offering greater protection than cloth masks. Our design files will be made available to anyone with a 3D printer to print these durable PLA products themselves.

We estimate for every $100 donation, we can produce and distribute 50 masks. Donate here:

made by a team of technical designers and doctors

Led by Dr. Maria Paula Henao’s expertise in respiratory particle sensitivity, our inter-disciplinary team of volunteers is operating on a not-for-profit basis to maximize production and distribution to the community. 

Please visit our Contact page if you would like to help.